EMCC Accredited Coaches

We are proud to offer a team of accredited coaches and mentors who have attained their EMCC gold standard of coaching.


Each coach has completed the “Coaching with Purpose” programme and are exeptional and transformational indivudals, with their own unique styles and expertise areas.






123 People Developments EMCC EQA accredited "Coaching with Purpose" programme has upskilled many coahces over the last few years.

We are proud to be able to offer a talented team of coaches and mentors in a variety of specilist areas for you to book and gain some quality time with and some transformational coaching expertise.

Firstly, how do I choose a coach/mentor?

  1. Determine if they are thoroughly trained and certified

  2. Ask them about their coaching style

  3. Ask what methodologies and tools they use

  4. Face-to-face or virtual

  5. Professional or remote

  6. Determine the Cost

  7. Have a consultation with the coach

  8. Determine their availability

  9. Assess their successes and results

  10. Research them

  11. Evaluate your experience, interactions and chemistry with them

  12. Ask them questions


Coach and Mentor team

Sandra Howarth

Johanna Hooper

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