Dial Up Digital – CORE CPD Accredited Activity

How purposeful are your online learning events? How well are you utilising the tools available to you to engage the participants?

Dial Up Digital is a CPD Standards Office accredited programme, delivered in partnership with two of the industry’s leading online facilitation experts

123 People Development Ltd and Quantum Rise Talent Group.

Learn how to design and deliver innovative and engaging online learning events to drive performance for your business or customers through 9 hours of accredited training and get immediate takeaways to enhance your practice as you learn.

Building your own confidence to bring the flow of face to face delivery to a virtual space will help your learners engage with your content and the wider learning experience, in turn, developing their skills and changing their
behaviours and attitudes.

Virtual training can be every bit as effective as face to face training, we now have the research that tells us this, and in fact, in some instances, virtual training can be even better and more interactive.

What to expect

The programme is designed to be an immersive online experience, combining industry leading concepts with an innovative slant! It gives you the opportunity to build self awareness and practice new facilitation and design techniques in a safe environment.

Demonstrating what you’ve learned in your final module, you’ll see measurable results through your improved skills, confidence and enhanced techniques.

Delivered over two half-days, Dial Up Digital gives you a fast-track to a recognised continuous professional development (CPD) certificate and 9 CPD hours too!

Become Virtually Unstoppable

Why is CPD accreditation important?

CPD ensures that you and your knowledge stay up to date with current industry trends and best practices. Through CPD, you’ll develop and improve the skills you need to perform in a professional context, deliver exceptional customer service and be an invaluable asset to your team.

CPD can help you continue to make a meaningful contribution to your team. You’ll become more effective at work which can help to advance your career. It can lead to other people’s increased confidence in you as a professional, but also your profession as a whole.

CPD can open you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas, which helps you stay interested in your work and you stay interesting to customers, colleagues and potential employers.

Why did we choose the CPD Standards Office accreditation?

The CPD Standards Office accreditation is evidence based, which means it can provide credibility in a way that other accreditationsand qualifications can’t. They know the field of CPD inside out and they work with their community of providers to improve CPD on an ongoing basis.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the benefits and challenges of online
  • Describe the skills, knowledge and behaviours
    required to be an exceptional online facilitator
  • Explore the functionality available when creating
    interaction within an online platform
  • Summarise and practice the practical skills required
    to manage technology
  • Facilitate a 10-minute mini teach-back session live
    using the skills learnt in the workshop


  • Complete a Personal Online Self-Assessment

Module 1- Skills, knowledge and behaviours

  • Introductions
  • How we Communicate Online
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Online Learning
  • Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours for Online
    Design and Delivery

Module 2- Tech and Teach Back

  • Tools and Functionality for Online Interaction
  • The Tech Demo
  • PowerPoint Demo & Activity
  • A 10-minute micro-teach
  • Reflections
  • Feedback
  • Takeaways


Upon completion, once delegates have completed the learning journey and delivered the teach-back to the required standard they will be awarded the CPD certificate for Dial up Digital. This CPD activity equates to 9 hours towards your development journey.

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