Leading With Integrity – CPD ACCREDITED ACTIVITY

Your competitors are training and developing their staff. Can you afford not to develop your staff?

How effective are your managers at developing and challenging your employees? There are many reasons why businesses should analyse the cost of recruitment and retention.

Leadership is a choice, not a position. You are only a leader once someone chooses to follow you. Those who can both lead and manage, have a balance of skill, knowledge, and behaviour underpinned with the right intention and follow up. Managers are often promoted into these positions based on factors which align to tenure, technical ability and ambition and require a robust tool kit of key management techniques to ensure the best experience for the employee.

This 18-hour tutor lead programme provides all the key capabilities required to become a manager who leads with integrity.

For leaders or managers at any level.

Leadership Development Programme Objectives

  • Understand self-awareness and emotional intelligence using DISC or MBTI psychometrics
  • Define your own approach to managing and leading people and teams
  • Demonstrate best practice in performance management and difficult conversations
  • Explain specific and constructive feedback which drives performance and motivation
  • Unlock the ability to build and lead effective teams and enable teamworking
  • Explain the key factors to managing in ambiguity and leading through change
  • Understand the importance of setting the tone as a leader and how this can financially impact the performance of an organisation through culture
  • Create a personal management tool kit and plan to accelerate impact as a manager


Modules Aims and Objectives

Module 1 – Knowing self: DISC or MBTI Psychometric and Assessment

Double module 4.5 hours

  • Knowing self: DISC or MBTI Psychometric and Assessment 
  • Understanding behavioural preferences and the link to leadership styles
  • Understanding self, what our drivers are, and the difference between our behaviour and our personality
  • Undertaking the debrief of the DISC / MBTI psychometric assessment profiles reports
  • Commitments of how this new knowledge will underpin the whole programme

Module 2 – Leadership Climate and Culture (2 hours)

  • Understand the psychology of leadership climate and how this links to key performance indicators such as productivity and profitability
  • Exploring mindful and survival behaviours (or green and red behaviours) displayed by leadership
  • Delve into self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and the need for people centred leadership
  • Understand the concept of measuring culture and leader’s impact

Module 3 – Building and Leading Effective Teams (2 hours)

  • Exploring the different stages of team dynamics and the impact on performance
  • Creating trust and using conflict to drive openness and unity
  • Understand the criteria of a high performing team and what they need to become successful
  • Team commitment, charter, and cross company collaboration

Module 4 – Delegation and Managing Others (2 hours)

  • Understand the impact of control, (dis)empowerment and motivation
  • Identify key factors to successful delegation and the sustainable development and growth of team members
  • Explore situational leadership and adapting to each team member
  • Explore the concept of ‘followship’ and why others would follow you

Module 5 – Performance Management and Difficult Conversations (2 hours)

  • Understand the importance of performance management and landing a difficult message
  • Explain the difference in feedback and the difficult conversation
  • Describe the key behaviours and skills required
  • Practice the FIAT module (Fear, Intention, Acknowledgement, Truth)

Module 6 – Leading Change and Working in a VUCA Environment (2 hours)

  • Understanding the key attributes for agile leadership
  • Exploring VUCA (Variable, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) working environments and how a manager can provide Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Ambition
  • Explore the difference between on site and remote leadership
  • Layering behavioural styles against change reactions to create a support package for team members

Module 7 – Coaching and Feedback (2 hours)

  • Understand our responsibility to coach in the most effective way and ask great questions to drive responsibility and awareness
  • Understand the three main factors that cause feedback to go awry: truth triggers, relationship triggers, and identity triggers
  • Practice using coaching and feedback models

Module 8 – Compassionate Leadership (2 hours)

  • Understand how we perceive the workforce the impact this can have on our behaviour
  • Explore the attributes of the compassionate leader
  • Analyse your team, task, and individual drivers and where you spend your time as a leader
  • Understand the concepts of kindness, leadership, and the interplay between the two

Open workshop dates to be confirmed or if you would like an in house course please get in touch.