This is a video testimonial from Jill Galvin at USS in Liverpool.

We are proud to share we have been working with the team over the last couple of years and are now seeing some awesome results.  Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts.

Jill Galvin - Head of Learning and Development - USS

This is a video testimonial from Dave Rimmer at USS in Liverpool.

Dave talks about his experiences from the leadership training and what positives he has seen since.


This is a video testimonial from Andy Cooper at USS in Liverpool.

Andy talks about his experience of the training and also says “Everyone in leadership should be able to coach. It’s the cornerstone of effective leadership”.

Andy Cooper - Infrastructure and technical architecture manager - USS Liverpool

Sam and Gordon have a quick chat about how his leadership approaches have changed post-training.

Gordon Mitchell - People Manager - USS

Internal Leadership Development Programme – Post-Training Interview

Anthony Christian – IT Service Desk Manager – USS

Initially, what did you expect to gain from the training?

“Was in part expecting a PowerPoint overload”.

How did that differ once you had completed it?

“The training was so much more self-reflecting, engaging, uplifting and interesting than I ever anticipated”.

How has your leadership style/approach changed?

“I talk less but with more quality and structure, I know how to encourage better, and I see the benefit of open v closed questions and when to lead or when not, this really applies to my life in general now not just work if I’m honest”.

What differences have you seen?

“I feel more organised, I have stepped back from my team, and allowed them to grow and show me what ideas they have. This has allowed me more time to think and plan for the medium to long term instead of just reacting to the here and now”.

What examples or stories could you share with me?

“I manage a busy service desk, I felt like I always had to sit with them, I didn’t realise that in a way that was failing to properly empower and let them really show their initiative and their ideas, stepping away from the day to day conversations has seen individual and team confidence grow and even output has improved. Not because I had a ‘negative’ impact but possibly because I was involved in conversations/ideas too early. The team never always had time to let their ideas get to fruition because I was worried about the ‘what if’. Stepping away has empowered them, I now see the finished article and not just the early stages of ideas, in turn, I too have the time to expand my ideas and think more strategically”.

What has surprised you the most?

“I would have to say the level of self-reflection and self-realisation and also how small changes to a question can equate to vastly different answers. I also learned more than ever, the power of listening”.

What is the biggest change in your day-to-day tasks relating to people?

“I ask more open questions at times, I talk less and have given my team more empowerment”.

What have you noticed in others that you hadn’t before?

“I can see how people listen better than previously, how people structure their questions, even more one to ones with management etc. I also think this has led directly to increased customer satisfaction with some IT teams post-training hitting 100% with their satisfaction scores”.

What have your team started doing that that wasn’t doing before?

“Absolutely empowered to be more independent, they know their job, they feel I trust them more than ever this has increased their confidence, understanding of their sense of importance within the organisation”.

What do you tell others about the training?

“Do it, the training is immersive, it is really engaging, and you come out the other end feeling like a different person a better manager, a better communicator”.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

“Therapeutic, because there was so much self-reflection and self-realisation”.

Anthony Christian - IT Service Desk Manager - USS

Coaching with Purpose

“I would highly recommend Coaching with Purpose for any teams who want to create a high-performance coaching culture, or for anyone who is interested in developing their own self-awareness and coaching skills.

The online sessions with Sam and her team are engaging and interactive, with great use of technology to deliver the content, and many of the exercises and reflections can be revisited again and again for deeper learning.

I have seen a marked change in the management & leadership styles of my team who have completed CWP and it has helped us embrace and embed a coaching culture in the business.

Richard - Coaching with Purpose - Hotel Manager

Coaching with Purpose

“As someone who has long been an advocate of coaching mindset, and having had the benefit of leadership and coaching programmes early in my career, it had long been a goal of mine to consolidate and further explore a more deliberate and formally recognised path into coaching and mentoring.

Sam had come highly recommended by a colleague who had recently successfully completed the “Coaching with Purpose Foundation” programme, recognising that I would appreciate the pace, energy, experience and personality that Sam brings – all of which was proven to be completely accurate.  A safe space to be curious and explore with like-minded participants from diverse backgrounds meant that time flew by.  Efficiently facilitated with structured online resources and workflow also ensured time was focused on understanding, reflection, practice and results.

One of the great things about coaching others is that you have to start with understanding yourself and in continually being a better, more self-aware version of yourself, especially relevant in any leadership role.  There are some specific practical tools and techniques that I took away and continually refer to in my mind more automatically, with practice, that help with my mental resilience and effectiveness as a leader.”

Adam - Coaching with Purpose - Tech Company

Coaching with Purpose

The CWP programme was an excellent coaching programme. It is a well-conceptualised programme for all levels even though set at foundation, offering sufficient knowledge and skill development to enable a participant to use coaching tools and mindset in their workplace. It is a good platform to develop further as a coach if that is desired.

The programme runs very professionally, time is well-managed, and offers sufficient opportunity to discuss, practice and reflect. The programme workload was manageable for the group, many of whom hold high-powered employment. The sessions were online and recorded so that if one is unable to participate you did not need to lose out.

Samantha, as a trainer, is an excellent, facilitator, always well-prepared, making certain that she communicated clearly, effectively and timeously with the trainees. She brings enormous energy, humour, fun and creativity to her training while containing the energy during the discussion and communicating between and after the programme conclusion. 

For someone wanting to introduce a coaching mindset, I can truly recommend this course. 

Wendy - Coaching with Purpose - Pilot Mentor

Coaching with Purpose

Becoming a coach and mentor has always been a career goal for me as long as I can remember.  When I was offered the opportunity to join the Coaching with Purpose Programme, little did I know at the time how much of an opportunity it would create for me.  Not only have I been able to achieve a career goal but I have been able to achieve an accreditation that is my badge of honour.

Since achieving my accreditation, I have been able to coach and mentor people at various levels in their careers which I obtain so much joy and satisfaction from doing.  Thank you so much”

Julie - Coaching with Purpose - Tech Company

Coaching with Purpose

At the start of 2020, my business partner and I wanted to build the quality of our people development business through the recognition and accreditation of an internationally recognised standard.

We approached Sam Sloan about the accreditation through the European Mentoring & Coaching Council which her Coaching with Purpose would help to achieve.

Right from the start, she was extremely helpful and professional. The programme was insightful and impactful providing us with tools to support our practice. However, it was not only the tools that made a difference, but it was Sam and her approach. She challenges you to really think about what and how you work and how you could be even better.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam for any programme, knowing that it would achieve the targeted results. At the end of the programme, we achieved the accreditation and remain in close contact with Sam who now provides ongoing CPD challenging us to be even better.


Dial up Digital

Unfortunately, when Covid hit in March 2020 my business came to an abrupt holt as 90% of my work was in a face to face environment and I needed to be able to pivot quickly into the virtual delivery world to serve my clients to the standard they had come to expect.

Fortunately, I know Sam as a colleague and thanks to her extensive knowledge and willingness to share it my business was saved!

How? Sam designed and delivered a one day course to upskill me in how to deliver interactive and engaging virtual sessions and she did the best way possible by role modelling exactly that and allowing me to experience it.

I was so very impressed, but not surprised, by Sam’s knowledge, creativity and expertise that I then attended her Dial up Digital – Master programme and the art of the possible was taken to a whole new level; mindset, design, delivery. Sam has turned the technology upside down and inside out and knows everything that’s worth knowing about it, across a variety of platforms, Zoom, Teams, Webex, Adobe to name a few. Combine this with her extensive subject knowledge, creative design and her natural ability to share learning by facilitating, coaching and involving her participants and you have an absolute winning formula!

I now have a ‘hybrid’ thriving business for which I am incredibly grateful.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sam over a number of years in the learning and development space. She is my go-to person. A true professional, authentic, very approachable with a genuine passion for what she does and whether you are in an actual or virtual room with her you are guaranteed to have your expectations exceeded. Above all Sam is kind, generous with her knowledge and incredibly supportive and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Lucy Sud - Trainer and Facilitator - DIAL UP DIGITAL

“I found this course to be a fantastic eye-opener into the art of coaching, and I wish that I’d known about it, and partaken of it, years ago.

It’s spilled over into other aspects of my professional life as well, and I’ve made some new friends along the way; it’s also great to have professional links with Sam and Adrian as well, so that I can pick their brains, as I’m sure that I will, in the times to come.

In particular, I feel that the course has made me a better listener than I was before. In times past, when listening to people, I would be quick to share my own experiences with them if I thought that doing so would benefit them; however, I know now that one has to be very careful not to inadvertently turn the conversation into one about the listener, which is surprisingly easy to do, even with the very best of intentions!

I recommend this course thoroughly to anybody who is thinking of doing it. Sam and Adrian are excellent facilitators and teachers of the coaching art, and the whole course was fun, exciting, and extremely interesting;

If you’re thinking of undertaking the course, I guarantee that you’ll benefit greatly from doing so.”