Coaching with Purpose

At the start of 2020, my business partner and I wanted to build the quality of our people development business through the recognition and accreditation of an internationally recognised standard.

We approached Sam Sloan about the accreditation through the European Mentoring & Coaching Council which her Coaching with Purpose would help to achieve.

Right from the start, she was extremely helpful and professional. The programme was insightful and impactful providing us with tools to support our practice. However, it was not only the tools that made a difference, but it was Sam and her approach. She challenges you to really think about what and how you work and how you could be even better.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam for any programme, knowing that it would achieve the targeted results. At the end of the programme, we achieved the accreditation and remain in close contact with Sam who now provides ongoing CPD challenging us to be even better.


Dial up Digital

Unfortunately, when Covid hit in March 2020 my business came to an abrupt holt as 90% of my work was in a face to face environment and I needed to be able to pivot quickly into the virtual delivery world to serve my clients to the standard they had come to expect.

Fortunately, I know Sam as a colleague and thanks to her extensive knowledge and willingness to share it my business was saved!

How? Sam designed and delivered a one day course to upskill me in how to deliver interactive and engaging virtual sessions and she did the best way possible by role modelling exactly that and allowing me to experience it.

I was so very impressed, but not surprised, by Sam’s knowledge, creativity and expertise that I then attended her Dial up Digital – Master programme and the art of the possible was taken to a whole new level; mindset, design, delivery. Sam has turned the technology upside down and inside out and knows everything that’s worth knowing about it, across a variety of platforms, Zoom, Teams, Webex, Adobe to name a few. Combine this with her extensive subject knowledge, creative design and her natural ability to share learning by facilitating, coaching and involving her participants and you have an absolute winning formula!

I now have a ‘hybrid’ thriving business for which I am incredibly grateful.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sam over a number of years in the learning and development space. She is my go-to person. A true professional, authentic, very approachable with a genuine passion for what she does and whether you are in an actual or virtual room with her you are guaranteed to have your expectations exceeded. Above all Sam is kind, generous with her knowledge and incredibly supportive and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Lucy Sud - Trainer and Facilitator - DIAL UP DIGITAL

“I found this course to be a fantastic eye-opener into the art of coaching, and I wish that I’d known about it, and partaken of it, years ago.

It’s spilled over into other aspects of my professional life as well, and I’ve made some new friends along the way; it’s also great to have professional links with Sam and Adrian as well, so that I can pick their brains, as I’m sure that I will, in the times to come.

In particular, I feel that the course has made me a better listener than I was before. In times past, when listening to people, I would be quick to share my own experiences with them if I thought that doing so would benefit them; however, I know now that one has to be very careful not to inadvertently turn the conversation into one about the listener, which is surprisingly easy to do, even with the very best of intentions!

I recommend this course thoroughly to anybody who is thinking of doing it. Sam and Adrian are excellent facilitators and teachers of the coaching art, and the whole course was fun, exciting, and extremely interesting;

If you’re thinking of undertaking the course, I guarantee that you’ll benefit greatly from doing so.”


You go through life/work thinking your methods, approaches and mindset are fairly solid.

Going through this programme, it appears that I have been totally delusional.

I have always been a very direct woman, my brain works that way, having gone through the CWP programme, I have learnt that direct is not always the best way and asking questions that start with a W are hugely revealing and create understanding.

Having this understanding allows you to work far better with your client, finding what is blocking them from progress rather than citing your advice based on your journey.

Experience plays a part, but you must use it wisely & not make assumptions that it will be the same for everyone.

A blooming eye-opener!

Lorraine - Consulting & Mentoring - COACHING WITH PURPOSE

The most impactful training I have ever attended!

The course made me believe in myself – I’ve always had feedback to say I’m great but I couldn’t see it and I was scared of being ‘above myself’.  This programme made me believe in myself under my terms eg I don’t need to be big-headed just do things in my style.

During the course, I realised I was in the wrong job and a culture that didn’t align with my values and I needed to take control and make a change – which I have done backed by the confidence I gained during this programme!

I’ve started the new job with new energy and belief and am not afraid to put my thoughts forward even when I feel uncomfortable. One sentence that will always remain with me is “if you feel in your gut and it feels uncomfortable then ask the question”– I have also transferred that into my life and what a difference it has made.   The course pushed me out of my comfort zone, I’ve studied with some excellent people, taken away fantastic tools and the shape/delivery of the course was perfect.

Life-changing course is my summary 


Coaching with Purpose has been one of the most enjoyable and enriching programs I have attended in a very long time.

The structure of the program and the material shared throughout the days were well-thought-of and extremely motivating. It was highly interactive with a big variety of exercises. The participants were immediately put at ease and we were, very early on,  seen sharing a lot of insights from our different backgrounds.

Samantha, the coach, was one of the best I have ever seen, engaging, kind, energetic, giving all the extra materials and stories needed with no restriction, fun and serious at the same time, which is for me a deadly combination. Learning while enjoying every second.

It was truly a memorable program, that I am hoping it will be developed into a longer cycle. I will be the first to sign up.


It is fair to say Sam is an absolute expert in her field!

Sam came into Ravenair Flying School and delivered Customer Service training, self-motivation techniques and self-improver training. I can say for certain that I would not have been as successful with my customers from selling more Simulator Sessions to also improving the experience I was able to offer the customer when they were with me.

Through Sam’s infectious energy, up-to-date industry-leading knowledge and creative approach I was able to understand my customer’s wishes and break down the relationship of staff member/customer to two people with the same interest and passion.

This allowed the customer to trust my advice and not only improved sales for the company but also led to me having many personalised reviews on trip advisor which improved the companies reputation within the North of England.

James Mulholland - Flight Simulator Instructor - CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING

I attended the Coaching with Purpose pilot programme back in February and I am so glad I did! Sam is an amazing facilitator and trainer, I can’t rate her highly enough. From start to finish the quality of the delivery was up there with the best I’ve ever received. If you are looking for someone to simply ‘tell’ you everything you need to know, then this might not be the course for you. Sam is so clever in the way that she extracts the knowledge from the group – helping you to feel empowered every step of the way.
The content of the course is up to date and relevant and gave me the confidence I needed to further develop my coaching skills. It was also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, who were a great support, not only on the course itself but afterwards too. This is a great way to gain a quality network of coaching friends with whom you can develop together.

Attending the course is only the beginning. Sam is with you every step of the way afterwards to, supporting you in getting your EIA award.
A great programme for anyone wanting to get into coaching, or for existing coaches to professionalise their coaching practice.

Sonia - AQR International - COACHING WITH PURPOSE

I mentioned you/called out one of your many training light bulb moments only yesterday, whilst discussing ideas for producing online video-bite modules with Jill and Sebastian.  It’s definitely easier to listen to someone like your excellent self when they are saying something constructive, something practical that makes sense.  It’s like in the movie Jerry Maguire where Renee Zellweger says to Tom Cruise, ‘You had me at hello’.  As soon as you started feeding through initiatives that I could digest and understand, you had me!  It’s wonderful to be won over rather than have someone preach ideas (that you’re not quite sure of) at you.


Wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the excellent programme that you delivered to our L&D team.

I was impressed with how you consulted with me to create a bespoke solution to our learning needs, every aspect was considered and included in the programme, thank you.
We appreciated your wealth of experience in designing, delivering and evaluating online learning interventions.
The session was interactive, informative, educational and memorable, a great combination!

You role modelled exactly what we are looking to emulate here – excellent job!

Thanks again