Coaching with Purpose EQA EMCC Accredited Programme

Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to not only coach effectively, but to be transformational

Coaching with Purpose’ provides a 360 look at coaching through a 21-hour blended (Face to Face or Virtual) programme.

Delivered by 123 People Development, in partnership with AQR International, delegates will discover a measurable shift in behaviours and provide evidence of improved coaching techniques.

Providing delegates meet the requisite level of experience and competence, the programme will enable a ‘fast track accreditation’  to a globally recognised Foundation, European Individual Award (EIA) in Coaching & Mentoring with the EMCC.

The programme includes the use of high-quality psychometrics (MTQPlus and ILM72) before and after the workshops to evidence impact and learning.

The programme is designed to be an Immersive Coaching Experience while providing the opportunity to build self-awareness and practice new coaching techniques within a safe environment.

Using simple techniques, with proven results, this programme will transform how you interact with others transforming relationships within organisations and developing your own self-awareness. 

Combined with the gold standard of coaching with leading-edge, well-evidenced concepts.

The programme is housed in Giraffe Pad, an LMS system that completely simplifies the whole accreditation process from start to finish.  

Learning Objectives

  • Explain what coaching is and how to ‘Coach with Purpose’
  • Demonstrate through Coaching an uplift through performance
  • Enable awareness of other communication styles and EGO states – (Parent,Adult, Child), Transactional Analysis
  • Demonstrate feedback tool, SBI (Situation, Behaviour, Impact), aligned to business objectives
  • Explain and demonstrate the GROW Model (Goal, Reality, Options, Will)
  • Challenge limiting beliefs using perspective questions

Programme Outline


  • Delegates to complete MTQPlus and ILM72 psychometric assessments
  • Complete Personal Values Questionnaire 
  • What do you find most challenging around coaching?

3 Hour Virtual Workshop (7 Days Before Tutor Led Training ) Module 1

  • Ground rules and questions
  • What is and isn’t coaching?
  • Why should we coach
  • Skills to be a great coach?
  • Self-awareness/personal values and coaching culture
  • Mental Toughness and the Integrated Leadership Model
  • Review/questions/next steps/coaching diary

Tutor Led Training (F2F or Virtual) Module 2

  • An interactive illustration of coaching in action
  • An in-depth look at the MTQ Plus and ILM72
  • Developing Mental Toughness
  • Recorded coaching intervention – Coach the Coach/Coaching Challenge

Tutor Led Training (F2F or Virtual) Module 3

  • Considerations before coaching (C.O.A.C.H.)
  • Building self and social awareness of preferred communication styles
  • EGO States; Transactional Analysis of the 3 Ego States; Parent/Adult/Child
  • Feedback (situation, behaviour and impact)
  • Coaching recording review
  • Reflection and summary

Tutor Led Training (F2F or Virtual) Module 4

  • Grow/questioning techniques – Question bank resource – Tell vs Ask
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Body language – The three V’s (congruence)
  • Addressing the REAL issue – perspective/coaching intervention

Tutor Led Training (F2F or Virtual) Module 5

  • The 5 levels of listening
  • Recorded coaching
  • Intervention – Coach the coach/your coaching challenge
  • Coaching recording review – Action planning
  • EMCC Requirements and responsibilities
  • Next steps and close

2 Hour Virtual Workshop/Follow Up (12 Weeks after Module 1) Module 6

  • Celebrating successes
  • Coaching challenge revisited
  • Barriers – overcoming them
  • Stop/start/continue
  • Reflections post-workshop
  • Additional resources
  • Action planning and next steps
  • Close


Delegates to complete MTQPlus and ILM72 psychometric assessments again.

All delegates will receive a copy of their ‘Distance-Travelled’ MTQPlus and ILM72 reports. All materials included – workbooks, handouts and additional resources.

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