Challenge your Leadership Shadow to Build an Effective Team

The MTQPlus assessment is a unique 74 item high-quality psychometric measure that measures Mental Toughness which describes the mindset that every person adopts in everything they do. It is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit, etc.

Published research and case studies from around the world show that Mental Toughness is a major factor in:

  • Performance – explaining up to 25% of the variation in performance in individuals
  • Positive Behaviour – more engaged, more positive, more “can do”
  • Wellbeing – more contentment, better stress management, less prone to bullying
  • Aspirations – more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk

The MTQPlus assessment measures mindset on 8 scales: the four C’s and two additional subscales for each.

The ILM72 assessment is a reliable psychometric measure that assesses two important elements: Adopted Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness in terms of Leadership Behaviour

Effective leadership motivates people to give up their discretionary effort and do it willingly and enthusiastically.

For organisations, this translates in to better, more competitive performance and the development of a positive culture.  For individuals, this translates into a sense of growth, a sense of belonging and a sense of self-esteem. They are less likely to leave an organisation where leadership is evident.

With effective leadership issues such as absenteeism, poor customer service, ineffective team working and resistance to change simply evaporate.

Leadership is also a cultural issue and can be developed at all levels of an organisation. Those at the top must provide leadership …. but everyone can be a leader and play a part in motivating colleagues.

Building effective Teams using Mental Toughenss

How could team dynamics affect performance?

How could being Mentally Tough or Mentally Sensitive impact ourselves or the people we lead? 

Improve Wellbeing – Explore the concept of Mental Toughness and the relationship with resilience and how we can develop our Mental Toughness or incorporate coping strategies to improve our wellbeing.

Boost Team Performance – Explore how being Mentally Tough or Mentally Sensitive can manifest itself and what that can do to team dynamics and performance.

Prevent Conflict – Recognise when someone is at either end of the Mental Toughness and Mentally Sensitive spectrum and what life could look like for them. Also, be clear when conflicts could potentially occur and understand the need to adapt our style along the spectrum of Mental Toughness and Mental Sensitivity to address this.

In this 3-hour highly interactive workshop created and delivered by Samantha Sloan and Johanna Hooper, both highly experienced people managers and licenced users of the MTQPLUS psychometric measure all of the above will be explored through interaction and discussion.

This workshop is for individuals who wish to explore Mental Toughness, for teams or leaders of people.  

For attending the workshop you will also be provided with an MTQPLUS psychometric report (rrp £66), and an ILM72 Leadership Assessment (rrp £72) this can also be used as a coaching tool for yourselves or again with teams, which is a useful tool for building personal resilience.

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Johanna Hooper from Limitless Peak Performance

“Johanna is a highly experienced leader and coach who believes that everyone can achieve their version of peak performance and has set up her business all around that mission.” “Johanna is passionate about helping people in the workplace perform at their best, whether they are leaders or followers. Johanna’s coaching centres on the psychology of performance using the “inner Game” philosophy to help clients achieve peak performance. As a highly experienced Chartered Manager Johanna uses her experience in both the military and as a Senior Consultant to coach and mentor clients to understand their leadership shadow, manage their stress and build their confidence/competence so that they can be their very best. Johanna is a coach (both executive and group), trainer, mediator, consultant and facilitator and is used to operating in both live and online environments successfully.”

Sam Sloan from 123 People Development

As a passionate developer of people with over 14 years Coaching facilitation, design and training experience across a wide range of sectors, from financial services, contact centre to retail, Sam loves working with clients where her skills, knowledge, flexibility and commitment will make a real difference. Recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Sam understands that development can be tailored to any organisation for a true return on investment, by focusing on the business culture, behaviour and evidenced based practice. Sam’s passion is leadership and getting the best our of people. That could be the leader themselves or of course their team. People dont leave companies, they leave bad managers and most get no formal training on how to manage people never mind the job itself!

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