Selling With Purpose – CPD Accredited Activity

We develop creative, curious and focused individuals that are hungry to perform.

Become a highly effective sales individuvial in 24 hours!

sales training

‘Selling with Purpose’ provides an in-depth look at selling and the principles of selling through a 24-hour blended (or virtual) programme. Delivered by 123 People Development, in partnership with AQR International, delegates will discover a measurable shift in skills behaviours and provide evidence of improved sales techniques.

The programme will provide them with powerful tools and techniques so they won’t sound like a run of the mill “typical” salesperson and switch your potential clients off, they will leave the client curious to find out more. We pride ourselves in developing creative, curious and focused individuals that are hungry to perform.

We offer in conjunction with the programme the MTQ PLUS report, these are a psychometric measure of Mental Toughness, which is a crucial element in Sales Success. The report provides the Individual and the Business an evidence-based report which focuses on 8 specific areas of development around mindset and behaviour.

This will enable them to deliver over and above expectations. Our courses are fun. interactive and informative which ensures maximum return on time invested and an uplift in profits.

The programme is designed to be an Immersive experience while providing the opportunity to build self-awareness and practice new selling techniques within a safe environment.

For more information about our EMCC EQA Accreditated Programmes in partnership with AQR International using ‘Evidence-Based Psychometric’s click here.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe Behaviours of a Successful Sales Person
  • Explain the importance of Mental Toughness in Sales and how it will promote a positive mindset
  • Complete Social Styles Questionnaire to identify your own and other communication preferences
  • Recite the 7 Step Buying Cycle
  • Establish customer need using Open Questioning techniques
  • Practice Active Listening
  • Demonstrate Overcoming Objections using the AAA technique
  • Create a Call / Meeting Structure and complete Final Assessment

Programme Outline


  • Delegates to complete MTQPlus psychometric assessment
  • Complete Social Styles Questionaire
  • What do you find most challenging around Selling?

Tutor Led Training Module 1

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Agenda and Objectives
  • Sell me……..
  • What IS / ISNT Selling
  • Traits and Behaviours of a Successful Salesperson
  • Break
  • Importance of MTQPLUS
  • Reflection and Close

Tutor Led Training Module 2

  • Knowledge / Skills / Mindset
  • Considerations / Researching
  • Break
  • Communication Styles
  • 3 V’s
  • Reflection and Close

Tutor Led Training Module 3

  • Welcome to module 3 / Consolidation of Day 1
  • 7 Steps of the Buying Cycle
  • Building Rapport
  • Break
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Listening Techniques

Tutor Led Training Module 4

  • Transition and Features / Advantage /
  • Benefit
  • Break
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing the Call / Meeting / Departure
  • Drill
  • Summary and Close

Tutor Led Training Module 5

  • Welcome to module 5 / Consolidation
  • Call Structure / Bring all Together / Practice

Tutor Led Training Module 6

  • Live Assessments (5 Minute Call)
  • Break
  • Barriers
  • Action Planning and Next Steps
  • Close

Delegates to complete MTQPlus psychometric assessment again.

All delegates will receive a copy of their ‘Distance-Travelled’ MTQPlus report. All materials included – workbooks, handouts and additional resources.

Upon completion, once delegates are able to demonstrate within the workshop they have reached the required standards set down from the final assessment they will receive the CPD Certification.

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