About Us

We specialise in empowering and developing people, by giving them the skills and tools to fully achieve their potential.




Mission Statement

Always leave things better than you found them, especially people.

Our Values


Develop an understanding of behaviours, cultivating confidence in performance


Embracing dynamic thinking: a vital key to unlocking the route to reinvention


Encourage a strong drive to increase the appetite for continual improvement


Unlock the potential in your people and build a growth culture

Awards - Accreditation & Partners

We partner with AQR International and use the MTQPLUS and ILM72 psychometric measures.  We use these in some of our programmes such as Coaching with Purpose and Leading with Integrity, we are also a corporate member of the EMCC which allows us to grant the EIA accreditations for coaching and mentoring ensuring a high standard is always met. This means that you can rest assured that your new qualification is accredited and secured by independent bodies.  We also partner and collaborate with other organisations such as Resilient Pilot, Quantum Rise Talent Group and Giraffe Pad which broadens our knowledge and proposition to offer the best solutions for our clients.

Giraffe Pad

We have chosen Giraffe Pad for our learning platform to administrate our Coaching with Purpose programme, this provides a secure space for all participants to engage and be supported throughout the duration of the workshops and beyond.

GiraffePad enables us to manage everything in a single place, to increase learning engagement, to manage all live and virtual sessions and to support each individual participant throughout their learning journey. It helps to foster social learning and encourage peer to peer support and allows us to build and share a library of learning resources.

It is private and secure, it is easy to use and allows us to focus on supporting growth and development.

It provides simplicity in gaining an EIA Coaching and Mentoring accreditation with EMCC Global.  The perception of some learners is the process of gaining accreditation is complex and difficult to navigate, Giraffe Pad allows the learners to enjoy the process through reflective activities all under one roof!

European Individual Accreditation (EIA)

The EIA is an internationally recognised award that demonstrates that an individual practising as a professional mentor/coach has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in his/her practice.

The EIA sets very high standards and is recognised as a quality mentor/coach accreditation in the marketplace. It raises standards and professionalism in mentoring/coaching by:

  • Setting high standards in assessment
  • Measuring ability against our evidence-based competence framework
  • Using reliable and rigorous assessment processes
  • Demanding a professional, reflective approach
  • Ensuring a commitment to continuing development.


To find out more please visit:

About EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA)

European Quality Award (EQA)

The benchmark quality standard for mentoring/coaching training programmes, EQA ensures that successful students meet the research-based competence standards presented in the EMCC Competency Framework. The EQA is valid for five years at which point renewal is required.

EMCC’s European Quality Award (EQA) offers the marketplace the much needed framework to enable the quality of mentoring/coaching services to meet and be recognised for meeting high quality standards of the profession.

Mentoring/coaching training organisations may apply for their programmes to be awarded at one of four levels- we currently offer foundation level awards with higher programmes coming soon.

AQR International

AQR’s goal is to make high quality psychometric tools and assessments accessible to users of all types – managers, trainers, coaches and teachers – to support them in making better decisions about people. In turn, leading to more effective intervention and development.

This means they ensure that AQR’s assessments are:

  • Easy to understand by both users and test takers
  • Designed to be easy to administer & manage
  • Designed to support quality feedback to the test taker
  • Carefully designed and accessible assessments enable the user to carry out two key tasks:

Diagnosis – To make better decisions to be made about people and their skills, attributes and behaviour. This enables users to select interventions more accurately. This helps to measure change or progress around mindset, attributes and behaviour

Evaluation – To measure the effectiveness of interventions or training and development programmes and assess return on investment

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the intentional maintenance and development of the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a professional context. This could mean honing current skills, it could mean developing them to a new level, or it could mean learning new ones that will allow an employee’s job role to expand or prepare them for potential promotion.

CPD obligations are present in most professions. Most companies and organisations now prioritise them because they ensure a constantly developing workforce.

This means there are millions of professionals across the UK who are required to undertake CPD training every year.

Resilient Pilot

We partner with Resilient Pilot to provide support to the pilot community through coaching and mentoring opportunities.

From Cadets, pilots in training, recently qualified or experienced pilots, Resilient Pilot offers to keep pilots Supported, Connected and Current and in this ever-changing landscape a very welcome source of guidance.

We also provide development opportunities for the Mentors ensuring they provide the very best mentoring practice in line with the EMCC competency framework.

Francis House Children’s Hospice

Francis House Children’s Hospice provides care for children, teenagers and young adults with a short life expectancy. From its base in Didsbury, the hospice supports more than 500 families from all over the North West, providing specialist care in a homely, happy and secure place.  Francis House operates 365 days a year, helping children and young adults with life-limiting conditions live life to the full and offering much needed support, friendship and encouragement to their families. Over £4.7 million in charitable donations is needed annually to continue providing these vital services, which include respite care, sibling support, end of life care and bereavement support.

123 People Development supports this charity by offering volunteering in the hospice and creating fundraising opportunities. 

This charity is very close to our hearts after we lost our beautiful nephew Wesley to meningitis back in 2003.  Francis House very kindly offered the use of their Rainbow room which gave us valuable time with Wesley before we had to say our goodbyes.

Our Talented Team

Our Collaborators

Sam Sloan – Director

A passionate developer of people with over 15 years Coaching facilitation, design and training experience across a wide range of sectors, from financial services, contact centre to retail. Her industry, is people development.

Graham Hyde – QA, Coach and Facilitator

Graham is a highly effective, organised and values coach and learning facilitator. With a wealth of experience in delivering strategic visions through the conception, implementation and leadership of organisational development and coaching programmes.

Jack Parker – Tech God

Jack has supported businesses over the last 15 years with a wide range of IT solutions. Jack is our go-to IT guy who specialises in cloud technologies like Microsoft 365 and Azure. If we ever have any issues, he’ll have us back up and running in no time at all.

Jo Eccleston – HR Consultant

Jo has supported HR functions over the last 11 years. From setting up HR functions in organisations to supporting the full life cycle of employment

Hayley Bird – Facilitator

Hayley has 10 years experience in learning and development working across a number of organisations and sectors. She specialises in the design and delivery of virtual classrooms with a focus on engagement and high impact.