Dial Up Digital – MASTER CPD Accredited Activity

Research shows that virtual training can be every bit as effective as face to face training.

How purposeful are your online learning events? How well are you utilising the tools available to you to engage the participants?

Businesses have had to respond quickly to the changing world we are now in and have moved training online.  Some have chosen to “pick and drop” face to face events into this “strange” environment and not surprisingly wondering why they are not as effective and not getting the same outcomes as face to face.

There are 3 crucial elements for effective, interactive learning and knowledge transfer in this arena.  They are:  Facilitation skills and multi-tasking, knowledge of the chosen platform and impactful slide design. When the 3 key elements are brought together it is a powerful combination for highly interactive workshop and impressive learning results.

Virtual training can be every bit as effective as face to face training, we now have the research that tells us this, and in fact, in some instances, virtual training can be even better and more interactive.




We offer a 18 HOUR PROGRAMME, starting with role modelling facilitation, utilising functionally and providing the key skills required for successful online training/meetings.  We then take a deep dive into the “tech” and how to get the best from your chosen platform.  We also look at how we can design content, the PowerPoint deck or presentation to provide visually stimulating content which will also encourage focus and engagement and support retention of information.   

The learners then have the opportunity to design and facilitate a 10-minute mini-session demonstrating the learning outcomes, also to gain valuable feedback (in mini-report format)  from not only the facilitator but their peers on the course with them embedding the learning further.

Become Virtually Unstoppable!

Learning Objectives

  • To explore and challenge mindsets towards virtual learning
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to be an exceptional online facilitator
  • To describe the influence that an online facilitator has on creating highly successful virtual learning environments
  • To demonstrate confidence and competence in mastering online technology
  • To design high impact virtual learning materials which drive interactivity, engagement and knowledge retention
  • To facilitate in a live environment, and identify actions for Continuous Professional Development


  • Complete a Personal Online Self-Assessment

Module 1- Skills and Mindset

  • Introductions
  • How we Communicate Online
  • Reactive and Proactive Focus
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Online Learning
  • Fixed and Growth Mindset
  • VUCA
  • Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours for Online Design and Delivery

Module 2- Environment for Success

  • Survival Behaviours and Mindful Behaviours
  • Embracing Failure
  • What to do if things go wrong
  • Facilitator Accountability
  • Engagement Clues
  • Facilitation Tips
  • Session Plan

Module 3 – Design and Technology

  • Tools and Functionality for Online Interaction
  • The Tech
  • Online Creativity
  • Designing with Participant Engagement in Mind
  • Facilitation- Question, Interaction, Consolidate
  • Structure – Learner Journey
  • Visual Stimulation
  • PowerPoint demo and activity

Module 4- Teach Back

  • 10 minute microteach
  • Reflections
  • Feedback
  • Takeaways

Upon completion, once delegates have completed the learning journey and delivered the teach-back to the required standard they will be awarded the CPD certificate for Dial up Digital. This CPD activity equates to 18 hours towards your development journey.

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