Bonus Class

Your Leadership Shadow Under Stress (Copy)

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Do you know how you cast your Leadership Shadow when you are under pressure?

Do you inadvertently create discomfort for your team members?  How likely are your team to give you feedback or even open up to you when you are in that “state”?

In this free workshop, we explore our impact on others, whether it be at work or at home!  We will provide an opportunity to explore the MTQPLUS Psychometric measure which focuses on how we think and our leadership style around how we behave with others.  Are you task-focused for instance or more people-focused?  How does this play out with the return to the office looming?  Are you super frustrated and think JFDI and FFS when someone calls in again airing their concerns or are we the complete opposite endo of the scale and give complete free reign and empathy?

In this 1-hour highly interactive workshop created and delivered by Samantha Sloan and Johanna Hooper, both highly experienced people managers and licenced users of the MTQPLUS and ILM 72 psychometric measures all of the above will be explored through interaction and discussion, a safe space to air thoughts and views on what can sometimes be a contentious topic!

Wednesday 17th November @ 12.30