Outstanding Opportunities In People & Leadership Development

Here at 123 People Development in this week’s team meeting, we decided that we would get the ball rolling with our company blog. There was plenty to talk about with the recent Government Statement and the updating of the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) economic forecasts for the UK for the next two years.

Generally, it wasn’t the most upbeat Autumn Statement, but as one colleague pointed out to me, economic forecasters get less grief if they are downbeat and proved wrong than when it’s the other way round. A wise thought, and probably fairly accurate. This applies to weather forecasters too.

For our part 123 People Development ‘increasingly optimistic’ about the future. We are committed to providing outstanding opportunities for organisations to obtain the highest possible standard of people development, and of course leadership development as well.

These are extraordinary times. As we mentioned in yesterday’s meeting: we are all facing intense competition, globally; we are all seeing very rapid technological change, globally; and, we are all experiencing great uncertainty, globally. In this scenario, only one thing is certain: that there will be a huge amount of change!

And change, in our experience, creates opportunities. Those individuals and organisations that are alert and alive to these changes will be the ones that thrive in the future; those that are half asleep and complacent will be irrelevant and fail. The stakes are very high, the opportunities are huge. Our job is to make the most of them and for us to develop your people in the best way that we can.

Last week, after buying some lunch, I made an interesting discovery! I quickly realised that my change included a new five pound note with the very rare AA serial number. These can auction for up to £500 on eBay, so thank you to the person who gave me this very rare note! And now that you know this too, you might like to take a closer look at your own change in future. Change now is quite literally an opportunity!

I am going to frame my fiver and put it on my office wall as a reminder to myself of the opportunities that can present themselves with little or no notice. Embrace change and develop yourself and your employees in the best possible way that you can.

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