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One of the most important changes in the sphere of learning and development is the adaptation and evolution of digital learning. In 2016, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) indicated that approximately 66% of all UK businesses now use some form of online or digital learning. This is a significant number, and it is only going to keep on growing.

Digital learning has progressed rapidly since the coining of the term ‘e-learning’ at the turn of the century and now encompasses websites, ebooks, social media and online communities, online lectures, webinars, podcasts and microblogging. As such, it has proven to be a viable way of training and developing people in organisational settings, and one that forms part (though not all) of an organisation’s wider learning strategy, and will only continue to adapt and change as technology improves.

However, there are a number of differences from traditional ‘chalk and talk’ environments where students travelled to one location with a tutor, teacher, or facilitator spoke in front of them. Sometimes learning is best delivered via digital platforms. The benefits come in abundance.

Large numbers of people can receive and interact with the same content on a virtual platform. The other benefit is that it allows businesses to quickly assess and quantify the level of capability and knowledge via a learning needs analysis within groups and individuals. Being flexible is critical in today’s business environment and online learning is a growing and evolving form of delivery.

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