Series 1, Episode 9 – Anne Archer

Burnout – How might it show up in leaders who are in charge of others?

with guest Anne Archer


I help global leaders to create workplaces where people want to work, and who inspire and encourage healthy and engaged colleagues. We explore through coaching and training, how to thrive and what to do when you or your team are not. When I added an MSc in the Psychology of Wellbeing to my tool kit I realised how any of us can move along the continuum from surviving (barely) to thriving. Supporting people wherever they are and helping a shift is what work is all about for me.

Podcast Notes

In this episode, I am talking with Anne about burnout as a leader and how coaching/mentoring can potentially mitigate this. We speak about what typical behaviours we see as this starts to manifest itself and takes hold. How does this impact the wider team? What do we notice? How can we avoid this?

Burnout has a huge impact on our capacity to deal with everyday tasks and changes. As a leader we ourselves are expected to coach and develop our people, yet, if we ourselves are experiencing fatigue or exhaustion, how can we possibly help and support others? Sometimes, the more senior the leader, the less likely they are to share they have fatigue etc as this could be seen as a weakness and may hamper promotion opportunities in the future, of course, this isn’t the case, but none the less, this is in some cases present.

Who coaches the leader? Why should the leader source a coach/mentor? Pertinent points we explore on how to find their best self.

3 Learning Points

✔️ Admit your struggling and ask for help

✔️ Recognise and pay attention to the energy, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

✔️ Know you are not alone



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