Series 1, Episode 6 – Graham Hyde

How do we fix our need to fix things?

with guest Graham hyde


Graham brings with him a wealth of experience in helping people and organisations to get better at what they do. From delivering organisational strategy workshops to inspiring and developing future leaders for some of the world’s largest management consultants. Graham brings passion and energy to his work that provokes both reflection and action in those he works with. 

As an executive coach, he specialises in challenging individuals to achieve their very best by overcoming self-liming beliefs and exploring mindset challenges by boosting resourcefulness and resilience. He can also be found hosting highly engaging online conference events, facilitation and learning solutions for clients ranging from global household names to small start-ups. No matter the audience, Graham brings his own personal brand of vulnerability and motivation to the table to inspire change and growth in people.

Podcast Notes

In this episode, I chat to Graham Hyde about “how do we fix our need to fix things”?

A fascinating subject and something we can slide into easily without realising, inadvertently offering solutions.

We talk a little about Karpman Drama Triangle the impact on us as a coach and how the dynamic of persecutor, victim and rescuer can play out. We also talk around how we can achieve an adult state during our coaching interventions.

We also touch on the Alan Serle model, the 4 levels of Awareness & Engagement:

LevelTypical Questions
DramaWhose fault is this? Who do I blame? Can you believe this happened?
SituationHow can we fix it, and how quickly?
ChoiceWho do I choose to be here? What do I choose as my relationship to this situation?
OpportunityWhat’s the opportunity here? What wants to happen?

3 Key Learning Points

✔️ Raise self-awareness – urge the temptation to solutionise

✔️ Recognise and regulate our own practice

✔️ Stay neutral and Adult!



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