Series 1, Episode 5 – Jo Birch

What is Coaching Supervision

with guest Jo Birch


Jo Birch MA FRSA

Supervisor, executive coach and psychotherapist.

Jo brings people together in global living-learning communities. She leads an international team providing ground-breaking training for coaches to become supervisors, and to continue developing as leaders in the profession.

Working on the edge of ‘what is known’, Jo is an active contributor to professional discourse, regular journal contributor, Editor of Coaching Supervision Groups (2022) and Co-editor EMCC Mastery Series, Coaching Supervision (2019) and previously editor of Thinking Global in Coaching Today.

Jo lives in Edinburgh and loves exploring, often fulfilled through her active lifestyle, and currently, her focus is on stillness through mindful photography. 

Podcast Notes

In this episode, I speak with Jo about coaching supervision, what it actually is and for and why it is so important to a practicing coach.

We then go back to basics and look at what areas coaching can focus on, such as career development/planning, personal confidence, considering a goal and even a sounding board and why they could be scenarios to take to a supervision session either group or 121.

We speak about reflective practice and also how personal development can enhance professional development and vice versa.

The ICF advocate reflective practice in their competencies and the EMCC, competence 1 is Understand Self, again highlighting the importance.

We do also focus on Why should be bothered to get supervision and touch briefly on some techniques such as Normative, Formative and Restorative and the 7 Eyed Model, more to follow on this!

3 Key Learning Points

✔️ Understand what supervision is and give it a go!

✔️ Try Peer supervision for a comparison

✔️ Pay for a professionally qualified supervisor either 121 or group and reflect on how this enhances your coaching practice



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