Series 1, Episode 4 – Doug Strycharczyk

Developing new frontiers in coaching using Mental Toughness

with guest Doug Strycharczyk


Doug is the CEO of AQR International – Founded in 1989, AQR is now recognised as one of the most innovative test publishers in the world working in more than 80 countries.

AQR established its reputation as a thought leader in mental toughness. Doug has worked with Professor Peter Clough for 25+ years to define Mental Toughness and to create the world’s leading measure of Mental Toughness, the MTQ.

Doug is now recognised as a leading authority on the application of the framework to the worlds of work, education, and coaching.

Podcast notes

The podcast explores how the mental toughness concept brings a capability to coaches and coaching to create that self-awareness within their coachees that is central to coaching practice and is the true precursor to development. 

Importantly solidly based on independent academic evidence, none the less coaches and practitioners have played a major part in its development. 

The result is a concept and an instrument that brings new capabilities for coaches – not least the scope for genuine evidence-based practice. The session also challenges some of the orthodoxies with still bedevil coaching.

✔️ Get trained in how to use the Mental Toughness Concept

✔️ Connect the person and situation to gain a full understanding. (Coach the person, not the problem)

✔️ Develop new language, from strengths and weaknesses to self-awareness

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