Series 1, Episode 7 – Mark Williams

Purposeful Facilitation using Coaching Skills

with guest Mark Williams


I’ve been involved in learning as a facilitator and coach for 25 years, and whilst still working with a few clients I have more recently put all that experience into developing a learning platform that has the learning journey at its heart: Giraffe Pad. I do of course have a third job as the personal Uber service for my children and when I get some free time I’ll usually be running along the seafront trying to kid myself I haven’t really hit the half-century.

Podcast Notes

In this episode, I chat with Mark about facilitation skills and how they align with coaching skills and techniques. As a facilitator, you ask great questions to encourage the learners to think for themselves and come up with their own solutions. Sound familiar? That’s because it is, very similar skills are used in both areas unless, of course, you are a trainer that “content dumps”, or uses a “tell style” which generally has some of the participants watching the clock! Of course, there is a place for that, process training for instance would be an example.

To generate real sticky learning, facilitation skills take with the weight of the delivery style, creates huge amounts of engagement and adds space for reflection and learning transfer.

This can be generated in the virtual space too, for those who know, me (Sam) I am a passionate virtual facilitator and the programmes are designed to be fully immersive and interactive. This style of facilitation can go across the board and generate the same learning outcomes as face-to-face.

A real pleasure to talk about the synergy between facilitation and coaching with someone who shares a passion for high-quality learning experiences. We’ve probably only scratched the surface and we could easily have gone off on tangents but I love that we both agreed: “be more coach”!!

3 Key Learning Points

✔️ Be more coach!

✔️ Focus on high-quality learning rather than content, 4 principles, Practice, Feedback, Reflection and Debate

✔️ Learner first, stop thinking about what you need to do and think about what they need from you

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