Coach with Purpose Podcast

We have invited some awesome coaches and professionals who are experts in their fields, to share their insight on various topics on how to coach with purpose.


These are practical in nature and designed to develop our coaching and mentoring interventions.

Hosted by Sam Sloan

123 People Developments series of Podcasts are created with the intention of providing some awesome insight into tools, techniques and knowledge sharing from industry experts to guide and support us through our coaching journeys

Each Podcast will last around 20-30 minutes from individuals who have either been through or EMCC EQAprogramme Coaching with Purpose or are professionals and experts in their field.

Each will share their personal journey and learns what they have had along the way and also any pitfalls to avoid or be aware of.

The Podcasts will be on varying topics, all in line with the 8 EMCC Competence Catagories for continuing to develop as a coach.

The 8 Competencies are:

  1. Understanding Self
  2. Commitment to Self-Development
  3. Managing the Contract
  4. Building the Relationship
  5. Enabling Insight and Learning
  6. Outcome and Action Orientation
  7. Use of Models and Techniques
  8. Evaluation


If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see us cover, please get in touch, also please feel free to provide some feedback on how they have supported your practice.



Series 1, Episode 3 – Johanna Hooper

Setting Boundaries in Coaching / using 3 key points

Series 1, Episode 2 – Jim Clements

Reflection as a path to growth / Authenticity and energy conservation

Series 1, Episode 1 – Darren Whysall

Maintaining your development and growth as a coach
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