Mental Toughness Follow Up Webinar

January 20th 2021

Come and join us on the 20th January 2021 @10.30am to 12pm to find out how you can set yourself up for success in the new year by developing Mental toughness.

A highly interactive and practical workshop which will enable you to measure your own mental toughness, understand the impact on your life, and consider how this can benefit your organisation, team and career.

By the end of the session you’ll be able to;

  • Describe mental toughness and the benefits it can bring to productivity, learning, resilience, wellbeing and stress
  • Explain your own mental toughness ‘sten’ result and detailed, tailored reports
  • Create a plan to develop areas of your mental toughness

Prior to the session, you will receive a link to a psychometric assessment which will measure your own metacognition in mental toughness – to understand deeply how you manage your stressors and challenges, no matter what the context.

We will also explore our courses where we use the MTQPLUS psychometric measure to develop self-awareness and resilience.

Register and pay below to receive your MTQPLUS report and the registration details for the event.