LUNCH AND LEARN – Look at Leadership – Accidental Monster 21st March 2022 @ 12pm (1 HOUR FREE EVENT)

Do you know what your Leadership Shadow is when you are under pressure?

In business, you can’t avoid adversity or unexpected change. And stress can make even the best of us turn into “accidental monsters”.

Get to grips with who you are under pressure in this
one-hour free interactive workshop so you can have happy, productive and effective teams.

As a leader, do you know:

  • Who you are and what you are like to work for?
  • How that changes when the pressure is dialled up?
  • How that affects those around you?
  • Whether you are the cause of other people’s stress?

If you can’t answer all of those questions, then this workshop is a must for you.

Learn from experts who have seen and done leadership for real – often in the most difficult of circumstances – and who have helped hundreds of people lead well, regardless of the circumstances:

Johanna Hooper – ex-Royal Navy, Johanna once had to lead a team while her ship nearly capsized.  This taught her that it doesn’t matter what the leadership models tell you, when the proverbial hits the fan, you’d better know who you are and the impact it has on others. 

Sam Sloan – ex retail store manager, who like most lead their teams through an organisational restructure, she was told to “lose staff and hours”, she went out to her team and they collectively decided to all cut hours from their base hours rather than losing anyone from the team.  #superstrongteam

By attending this workshop you will:

Understand what makes up your leadership style and what makes it great/not great;

Get access to tools to assess your leadership style and how it shows up – especially when stressed – that you can take back to the office;

Gain insight into how your stressed leadership style affects those around you;

Get hints and tips to make your leadership style what you want it to be, not what stress forces it to be!

By attending the workshop you will understand your leadership style – what’s great and not so great about it – so you can figure out if you are one of those horrible bosses that causes 17.9 million working days to be lost every year due to stress!

Johanna Hooper from Limitless Peak Performance

“Johanna is a highly experienced leader and coach who believes that everyone can achieve their version of peak performance and has set up her business all around that mission.” “Johanna is passionate about helping people in the workplace perform at their best, whether they are leaders or followers. Johanna’s coaching centres on the psychology of performance using the “inner Game” philosophy to help clients achieve peak performance. As a highly experienced Chartered Manager Johanna uses her experience in both the military and as a Senior Consultant to coach and mentor clients to understand their leadership shadow, manage their stress and build their confidence/competence so that they can be their very best. Johanna is a coach (both executive and group), trainer, mediator, consultant and facilitator and is used to operating in both live and online environments successfully.”

Sam Sloan from 123 People Development

As a passionate developer of people with over 14 years Coaching facilitation, design and training experience across a wide range of sectors, from financial services, contact centre to retail, Sam loves working with clients where her skills, knowledge, flexibility and commitment will make a real difference. Recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Sam understands that development can be tailored to any organisation for a true return on investment, by focusing on the business culture, behaviour and evidenced based practice. Sam’s passion is leadership and getting the best our of people. That could be the leader themselves or of course their team. People dont leave companies, they leave bad managers and most get no formal training on how to manage people never mind the job itself!

So come and join us: Monday 21st March @ 12.00. Use the link below to register – your staff will love you for it!

To find out more, get in touch with either:

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